“I met Michelle through an advertisement at PUC-SP. Since I needed to practice English with a native teacher, we had weekly conversation classes. Michelle conducted the sessions in a very efficient and interesting way, calling the attention to her punctuality and dedication. In addition, she translated a scientific article [from Portuguese to English] to be sent abroad for me, which was very well rated by the magazine’s editors. I consider Michelle an excellent professional that I recommend.”

 -Alexandre Luzzi Las Casas, Professor, São Paulo, Brazil

“I really appreciated how she listened to my concerns and gave me a fair price that reflected the specific needs of my [Spanish to English translation] project. Furthermore, she was prompt and courteous in all correspondence and extremely punctual. For quality and care, Michelle Kelleher delivers.”

-Maya Berry, Professor, Chapel Hill, USA

 “I met Michelle when she was in her early stages of learning Spanish; we’d often get together and practice Spanish, and I was always very impressed by her aptitude and ease at picking up nuances in the target language. She eventually moved to Colombia and we stayed in touch. Whenever I visited, I was amazed by how quickly she had achieved proficiency in Spanish, using phrases that often distinguish native speakers with much ease. Her translations are of the highest quality, and I always have complete trust in her work. At Bilingual Exchange we are honored to have her work with us on occasion. Her quick, perceptive mind and her outgoing and curious personality combine to allow her to achieve high language quality, leading to very precise and accurate translations. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone needing translations.”
-Viviana Spicer, Translator at Bilingual Exchange, Guelph, Canada

“I worked with Michelle in organizing a seminar for English teachers from all over Brazil. She obviously has a broad repertoire of activities that she incorporates into her English teaching. She’s very organized and professional. In addition to being a great teacher, she’s just a great person to be around and you’ll learn so much from being with her.”

– Armen Kassabian, English Teacher & Translator, Cuiabá, Brazil

“I was Michelle’s student in a writing workshop while she was in Brazil. She managed to tutor a group of non-native speaking undergraduate students with different levels of English proficiency on taking their first steps towards writing academic-level texts in a foreign language. She proved to be a committed and patient teacher, covering all the important topics of the subject and giving us valuable feedback after reading our weekly assignments.”

-Thiago Andrade, English Student, Araguaína, Brazil

“My 11-year-old son and I took different levels of English classes with Michelle, which is how I know how adaptable she is. She is very committed to her students, and looks for engaging ways to teach English to a wide range of people based on their ages and interests.”

-Maria Lucia Mojica, English Student, Bogotá, Colombia

“I learned English with Michelle. I like her methodology, the way she explains things, and the resources that she uses to explain concepts. She makes good use of everyday examples for students to associate with what she covers in class.”

-Ian Mauricio Otavalo Olarte, English Student, Bogotá, Colombia